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Notice of Intent

This notice of intent is for the installation of bicycle lanes on Woodley Place, NW between Cathedral Avenue and Calvert Street.
13-61-PPSA6/28/20137/28/20137/25/2013NoACTIVE7/25/2013 1:41 PMMike Goodno3ANC 3C
13-58-TST8/12/20139/11/20138/12/2013NoACTIVE8/21/2013 5:58 AMAaron Rhones6ANC 6C
Installation of a New Traffic Signal at the Intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and Idaho Avenue, NW.  Removal of STOP Sign Control on Idaho Avenue, NW approaching Wisconsin Avenue.

13-98-TOA8/27/20139/26/20138/27/2013NoACTIVE8/27/2013 10:49 AMJames Cheeks3ANC 3C
13-124-TOA10/3/201311/2/201310/9/2013NoACTIVE10/9/2013 11:19 AMKim Muldrow4ANC 4C
Reseved on-Street Parking Space for 2021 Tunlaw Road NW
NOI-13-13912/23/20131/22/201412/23/2013NoACTIVE12/23/2013 1:53 PMKim Muldrow3ANC 3B
Approved installation for reserved handicap on-street parking space for resident at 729 Park Road, N.W.,
NOI 14-12-TOA4/30/20145/30/20144/30/2014NoACTIVE4/30/2014 11:04 AMKim Muldrow1ANC 1A
DDOT received a request from the resident who resides at 1011 Monroe Street, N.W., for a Reserved Handicap Residential on-street parking space. 
NOI 14-58-TOA5/13/20146/12/20145/14/2014NoACTIVE5/14/2014 6:47 AMKim Muldrow1ANC 1A
DDOT received a request from resident who resides at 508 M. Street NE for a reserved handicap on street parking space.
NOI 14-79-TOA5/19/20146/18/20145/19/2014NoACTIVE5/19/2014 11:47 AMKim Muldrow6ANC 6C
Installation of bicycle lanes on 2nd St SE between East Capitol Street and Independence Avenue.
15-59-PPSA6/2/20157/2/20156/2/2015NoACTIVE6/2/2015 8:27 AMMike Goodno6ANC 6B
This notice of intent is for the installation of bicycle and shared lanes along Tunlaw Rd NW from 39th St to 37th St, and shared lanes along 37th St NW from Tunlaw Rd to Whitehaven Pkwy.
15-108-PPSA6/12/20157/12/20156/12/2015NoACTIVE6/12/2015 1:35 PMMike Goodno3ANC 3B
15-70-TOA6/16/20157/16/20156/16/2015NoACTIVE6/16/2015 8:37 AMJames Cheeks7ANC 7B
Installation of School loading - unloading Signs.
1400 V Street NW
15-80-TOA6/16/20157/16/20156/16/2015NoACTIVE6/16/2015 8:55 AMJames Cheeks1ANC 1B
Installation of School Loading-Unloading Signs
15-82-TOA6/16/20157/16/20156/16/2015NoACTIVE6/18/2015 1:38 PMJames Cheeks3ANC 3F
All-way Stop conrol at the intersection of 13th Place and Taylor Street, NE
15-96-TOA6/18/20157/18/20156/18/2015NoACTIVE6/18/2015 8:49 AMJames Cheeks5ANC 5B
Installation of "No Standing or Parking Anytime" Signs
15-97-TOA6/18/20157/18/20156/18/2015NoACTIVE6/18/2015 9:03 AMJames Cheeks5ANC 5B
No Parking School Days Signs
15-76-TOA6/18/20157/18/20156/18/2015NoACTIVE6/18/2015 1:08 PMJames Cheeks4ANC 4C
15-79-TOA6/18/20157/18/20156/18/2015NoACTIVE6/18/2015 2:32 PMJames Cheeks2ANC 2B
15-80-TOA6/18/20157/18/20156/18/2015NoACTIVE6/18/2015 3:21 PMJames Cheeks1ANC 1B
Marking and Pylon changes to the interior and exterior roadways associated with Grant Circle
NOI 15-113-TOA6/22/20157/22/20156/22/2015NoACTIVE6/22/2015 12:19 PMKim Muldrow4ANC 4C
Installation of No Parking School Days - Rosemount Center
15-78-TOA6/23/20157/23/20156/23/2015NoACTIVE6/23/2015 8:55 AMJames Cheeks1ANC 1D
Installation of School Loading and Unloading at Marie Reed Elementary School
15-99-TOA6/24/20157/24/20156/24/2015NoACTIVE6/24/2015 12:28 PMJames Cheeks1ANC 1C